Small roasted potatoes

CorningWare is a brand of bakeware that boasts great versatility in the kitchen. Prepare food in CorningWare casseroles, cool the food down and then place it directly into the freezer for storage. When you are ready to eat the frozen food, simply pull it out of the freezer and place it directly into the oven to heat it. This convenience saves a cook time, effort and money.

Prepare a casserole or a main dish item as you normally would. Whether it is a soup, a pasta dish, a potato casserole or a meat dish, construct the meal according to the recipe to the point of baking it.

Pour the food into the CorningWare dish and allow it to cool down to room temperature.

Place the CorningWare casserole dish into the freezer. If desired, you may add an additional layer of insulation to the dish by wrapping the entire casserole dish in freezer paper or aluminum foil before freezing.

Remove the CorningWare casserole dish from the freezer and place it directly into a cold oven. Set the oven to the desired temperature to allow the frozen casserole dish to acclimate to the temperature change gradually.


Placing the frozen casserole dish into a cold oven will help prevent any accidental breakage due to sudden temperature changes.

CorningWare can also be placed in the microwave to heat.