Chocolate mousse with cream

Chocolate mousse is a richer version of chocolate pudding. Preparing this dish ahead of time and freezing it will save you time prior to serving. Your mousse will remain edible for up to two months in the freezer. Use this technique for all chocolate mousse recipes except those that use beaten egg whites as the leavening.

Prepare the chocolate mousse according to your recipe, using only whipped cream, gelatin, marshmallows or a cooked stabilizer. Avoid recipes using uncooked egg whites, which could cause food poisoning.

Pour the mousse into an airtight container. Leave 1 inch of headroom for expansion as the mousse freezes.

Seal the container and affix a label to the front.

Write the contents and expiration date, two months from the current date, on the label.

Freeze the chocolate mousse for up to two months.

Thaw the mousse in the refrigerator until you can spoon it out of the container.