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Cakes and cupcakes may taste good on their own, but it's the frosting that puts it over the top. You may have perfected the cake part, but without the perfect frosting, your special dessert will fall flat. Frosting needs to be at just the right thickness to be able to generously frost your cakes. If your cake frosting is too thin, it will fall off the cake. You can easily thicken up your frosting whether it is canned or homemade.

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Pour the frosting into a mixing bowl.

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Whip the frosting with an electric mixer. This will add air to the icing, making it fluffier and adding volume to it.

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Add powdered sugar to the frosting by slowing stirring in 1 tbsp. at a time until your frosting thickens. Do not to add too much or your frosting will become gummy in texture. For chocolate frosting, you can use cocoa powder to thicken in place of powdered sugar for a more intense chocolate flavor.


If your frosting is now too thick, add a few drops of water to thin it out.

Refrigerating your frosting for about an hour stiffens your frosting if you need it to be stiffer for decorating purposes.

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