Pumpkin puree in a glass jar.

Canned pumpkin has a long shelf life already, so you probably don't need to freeze an entire can to extend its freshness. However, if your recipe uses a portion of the can and you want to save the rest, freezing is a good way to preserve the leftover pumpkin. You should never freeze canned goods inside the can, but you can easily freeze canned pumpkin once you remove it from its packaging. According to the Food and Drug Administration, frozen vegetables can be stored indefinitely without becoming unsafe to eat, but for best texture and quality you should use your pumpkin within 12 to 18 months of freezing.

Step 1:

Scoop pumpkin out of the can and into a freezer safe zip-top bag.

Step 2:

Flatten the bag to remove the air and zip the bag closed. Check that the bag is securely closed and lay it flat on a counter or tabletop.

Step 3:

Spread the canned pumpkin into a flat, even layer inside the plastic bag. This will facilitate faster freezing and will make your pumpkin easier to store inside the freezer.

Step 4:

Place the zip-top bag in the freezer. Leave your pumpkin in the freezer until you want to use it.


  • For best results, freeze your pumpkin at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, or colder.