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Figuring out the best method to fold a skirt is often confusing. Trying to avoid wrinkles on each garment, especially after washing and ironing, is trickier than it looks. Although skirts are commonly hung inside closets by the waistband to remain neat, skirts may also be kept wrinkle-free inside a drawer when a closet is unavailable. Fold skirts to place inside drawers using a long fold. A long fold allows skirts to be laid flat inside a drawer, while making space for additional skirts or other garments.

Lay each skirt flat over a bed or laundry counter. Run both hands over the surface of the skirt to remove wrinkles on the fabric.

Fold the left side of each skirt over the right side, aligning the left and right seams of each skirt together. The result is a long, simple fold that aligns the waistline and bottom hem of each skirt.

Place the first skirt inside of the drawer, and run both hands over the surface of the skirt to remove kinks and wrinkles. Avoid pressing down on the skirt with both hands, as pressing down on the fabric will create unwanted creases.

Insert the subsequent skirts over the first skirt in the same manner inside the drawer. Carefully retrieve each skirt from the drawer when coordinating an outfit to prevent wrinkling the other skirts inside the drawer.


If the skirt is longer than the drawer, fold the skirt in half after creating a long fold, matching the waistband with the bottom hem of each skirt.

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