Nothing’s worse than having your shoes come apart after a night of dancing. It doesn’t matter if they’re cheap or expensive. Even the nicest pair of dress shoes can come apart from time to time. Buying a new pair of shoes or shoe repair can be awfully expensive. You may not even have the time to repair your own pair of shoes. But quickly and inexpensively, and without much effort, you can temporarily fix the soles of your dress shoes. Keep these tools in your purse for the next time your dress shoes come apart.

Open the superglue or Shoe Goo. Make sure that the tub is open. If it isn’t, punch a hole through it with a pin.

Squeeze the superglue or Shoe Goo on the sole of your dress shoes. Glue only the sole that is coming apart. Squirt a good amount, but not too much. Read the directions for more guidance.

Hold the sole and shoe together until they are completely dried and sealed. Keep your fingers away from the glued part of the sole.

Make sure the sole is sealed. Repeat if the glue didn’t fix the sole. Feel free to use the superglue or Shoe Goo on other shoes for a temporary fix.


  • This method fixes shoes with rubber soles only.

  • You can find Shoe Goo at online or brick-and-mortar retailers.