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Leggings are fitted leg coverings usually made from spandex, nylon or cotton. They may add a fashionable touch to clothes such as skirts and tunic tops. Leggings usually are stretchy, so they easily rip. There are ways to cover those tears or mend ripped portions while maintaining your outfit's appearance.

Cut strands of thread sticking out of the leggings to prevent tears from becoming worse.

Dab clear nail polish on small tears.

For larger tears, cut the torn portion open; do not to make the cut too big. Cut additional portions of the leggings for a “ripped leggings” style.

Cut out a fabric into small squares if you don't like the idea of ripped leggings. Make sure the color of the fabric matches the leggings.

Use the patches to cover the ripped portions of the leggings. Sew the edges of the patches into the leggings. Sew patches on other parts of the leggings to make the patches appear like a deliberate design.