How to Fix Snags in Tights

By Andrea Cespedes

When fall arrives, it's time to say "goodbye" to bare legs and don tights with your skirts. Whether you prefer a solid or patterned pair, nothing ruins your day -- or outfit -- more than an unsightly snag, which can turn into a run that ruins the tights too. A dab of clear nail polish will help stop a snag from running, as will a squirt of hairspray or a bit of white-out. A commercial odor-free, colorless liquid designed just for the purpose of stopping a run in your tights is now available as well. This product doesn't produce the same shiny, hard spot that nail polish does and can withstand washing, unlike hairspray, nail polish and white out. For mesh Lycra, nylon and fishnet tights, you can stitch up a snag that's turned into a hole. Soft, Supplex tights will rip more if you try to sew them, though.

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Close-up of woman in tights putting on shoes.

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Don't Throw Them Away, Just Yet

If the snags are at the top of the thighs, you can still wear them under long skirts or pants for warmth. Dancers sometimes double up and wear two pairs of snagged tights when the holes or snags are in different places. This makes the snags far less noticeable.

Hole Disguises

If you're wearing dark-colored tights with a snag that's turned into a hole -- but don't have a spare pair -- stop it from growing with nail polish or hairspray. You can then apply a bit of black tape or even a dot with a black marker to your skin underneath. This doesn't salvage the tights, but it could get you through your day or performance looking polished.