How to Fix Shirts that are Too Big

By Freddie Silver

Sometimes there are shirts hanging in our closets that we don't wear because they are just a bit too large. It may be that the sleeves are too long, but more commonly, the shirt will be too wide to look fashionable. With just a few basic sewing skills, it is possible to taper the shirt to make it a size or two smaller and more attractive.

A tapered shirt will look better and feel more comfortable.

Step 1

Button up the large shirt if it is a button-down shirt. Turn the shirt inside out. Lay the shirt on a flat surface.Turn the smaller shirt inside out and lay it on top of the large shirt.

Step 2

Use the tailor's chalk to draw two lines, one on each side on the side seams on either side of the shirt. Draw the line 1/2-inch wider than the side seams on the smaller shirt. Remove the smaller shirt. Cut along the drawn lines with scissors.

Step 3

Place the straight pins along the two cut seams, spacing the pins about 1 inch apart.Stitch the two side seams using a straight stitch on the sewing machine and matching colored thread. Clip the excess threads. Press the seams open.