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Louis Vuitton uses very high quality leather to make luxury accessories that can last an owner a lifetime. Scuff marks on a leather accessory present not only a visual problem but also a problem for the leather itself. Dirt and oils can break down the leather and leave it less supple or dried out after cleaning. It is best to remove scuff marks immediately and clean and moisturize after doing so. Depending on the substance responsible for the scuff, there are simple remedies available to remove it.

Rub a damp cloth on the scuff mark to see if the mark is simply a dirt smudge. If it does not come off easily, move on to alternative cleaning tools.

Rub a damp Mr. Clean Magic Eraser used for household cleaning on the scuff. Gently rub up and down and side to side.

Put a dab of leather conditioner or cleaner on a cloth and rub into the scuff. The conditioner helps to bring out the natural oils of the leather that can remove the scuff mark.