Maggie Hira

Bed hair is characterized by unruly and tousled locks that stand out on their ends. It is called "bed hair" because it resembles a disheveled appearance seemingly resulting from lying on it all night long. It's also often frizzy and generally messy-looking. Bed hair was temporarily popular in the 1990s when several supermodels, such as Kate Moss, were spotted sporting a messy hair style. Bed hair is notoriously difficult to style, but it can be tamed with a few household products, especially on those days when you don't have time to take a shower.

Use a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles and knots from your disheveled bed hair. Then go over your strands with a boar bristle brush to smooth out hair that sticks straight up.

Pour a small sprinkling of baby powder into your palms and rub them together. Massage the baby powder into your roots to absorb excess oil. You can also use dry shampoo, which is specifically designed to remove oil and make hair look clean without a shower. Try "Dry Cleaned" by Brandon Martinez.

Tease your roots slightly with the comb to add lift. Flip your hair upside down and brush with the bristle brush to give your hair volume.

Pour a drop or two of olive oil into your palm, then rub your palms together. Apply the olive oil onto the tips of your hair to seal split ends and add shine to your locks.


You can use sweet almond or avocado oil instead of olive oil. A few drops of essential oil also work well.