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There’s nothing like looking down and seeing a gap in your shirt that has revealed your cleavage or stomach for all to see. Often a problem faced by buxom women or those with larger tummies, but really, it can happen to anyone. To fix the gap, just round up a few supplies and a little ingenuity.

Close the Gap

Eliminate a gap between buttons with fashion tape or double-sided tape. Peel off a section of double-sided tape and lay the exposed, sticky side along the placket of your shirt where it gaps. Remove the plastic backing from the other side of the tape to reveal the adhesive, then press down on it firmly after buttoning up. To avoid a gunky residue, remove the tape before washing your shirt. Buy the tape at boutiques, drugstores, or fabric or sewing supplies stores. Alternately, sew a small piece of Velcro between the troublesome buttons to close the gap.

Try a Better Bra

If an ample chest is causing your shirt to gap, consider investing in a minimizing bra. Minimizing bras reduce the projection of your bust line by redistributing breast tissue, making your chest appear smaller. A different bra may reduce the gap on button-down shirts, and you may find that overall your clothes fit better.

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