How to Find the Latest Hairstyles

By Ian Moore

Just like clothing and fashion can go of style, so can hair. When the primary goal is to be fashionable, it is necessary to understand that your hair cannot be overlooked. Because hair can sometimes make or break a specific look, it is recommended to find out what the latest hairstyle is. By following a few simple guidelines, finding out which hairstyle is fashionable is not a problem at all.

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Read fashion and celebrity magazines such as Elle and Glamour. Celebrities often are showcased in these magazines, wearing the latest fashion statement on their heads. These magazines may even have sections dedicated to the best and worst hairstyles. Look at pictures from red carpet events and award shows. This is where all of the latest hairstyles are being sported because of how important the event is. Because celebrities are in the public eye, they are a good source to see which latest hairstyles are in.


Watch television shows that are dedicated to fashion such as E! and Style networks. These shows will include interviews and up close and personal footage of people sporting the latest hairstyles. It is common for these shows to host countdowns of the latest fashion do's and don'ts. Pay attention to the hair of the winners of these countdowns to see which hairstyles are in. If someone has a good sense of style, they will most likely have a good hairstyle, so pay attention to who has the best style and fashion sense on these shows. Think who has won most fashionable and most attractive person of the year and analyze their hair.


If anyone knows a thing or two about the latest hair trends, it is your hairdresser. Hairdressers not only needs to keep up with the newest trends to meet the customers' demands, but they also must be able to perform these haircuts with no problem on a daily basis. If you are unsure which haircut is popular, ask your hairdresser what has been in the most demand lately. Because they cut hair for a living, they will be able to give you insight on the latest hair trends. Hair salons also keep books of the latest hairstyles in the waiting room, so you will be able to pick out a style and let the hairdresser know what you want.