How to Find a Wine That Goes With Chocolate Covered Strawberries

By Delialah Falcon

Strawberries are a sweet and tasty treat loved by both children and adults alike. Strawberries covered in chocolate transform this basic treat into a gourmet desert that will please the most discerning palate. To add an even greater dimension to this versatile berry, try serving chocolate covered strawberries paired with a nice wine. Not just any wine will work, you will need to find a wine that brings out the sweetness of the berry without overpowering the rich cocoa flavors.

People toasting glasses of wine
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Step 1

Taste the chocolate covered strawberry to determine the level of sweetness. Decide what the dominant flavor is (is it primarily strawberry with a hint of chocolate or vice versa).

Step 2

Search for wines that have either the same berry flavors and aromas as the chocolate covered strawberries or have completely contrasting earthy flavors. Avoid wines that fall somewhere in the middle as these will just blend in with the flavor of the desert rather than complement the flavor.

Step 3

Choose a light bodied wine such as a white reisling or red pinot noir if the chocolate flavor is light and overshadowed by the strawberry. Choose a full bodied wine such as a buttery chardonnay or red cabernet sauvignon if the chocolate is the heavy, dominant flavor in the desert.

Step 4

Choose a wine that is at least as sweet as the chocolate, preferably sweeter to avoid a bitter or sour taste.

Step 5

Choose lighter bodied wines if the strawberries are coated with milk chocolate or white chocolate. Consider desert wines, sparkling wines, champagnes and ports, all of which maintain their flavor well when paired with a mild chocolate.

Step 6

Choose fuller bodied wines if the strawberries are coated with dark or bittersweet chocolate. Consider heavy cabernets and zinfandels to bring out the cocoa flavor while toning down any bitterness. Consider a wine that is ripe with it's own chocolate flavors to enhance and complement the dark or bittersweet chocolate flavors.