How to Find a Tiffany & Co. Pen

By Contributing Writer

The ultimate statement in writing utensils is a Tiffany & Co. pen. You show the world you have good taste when you pull one of these items out to take notes at the next board meeting. You will find many knock-offs available online, but here's how to get your hands on the real deal.

Sincerely Tiffany. Retractable pen in ruthenium. Original design by Elsa Peretti.

Step 1

Find out if there is a Tiffany & Co. retailer near you by calling (800) 843-3269 or visiting Independent jewelry stores may sell Tiffany products as well.

Step 2

Know your price range. Tiffany pens currently start at $95 and run upwards of $500. There are men's and women's styles in different colors and lacquers. I'm a big fan of the diamond textured purse pen by Tiffany, which sells for $95 and has a gorgeous texturing. Of course, the popular Tiffany eggshell blue will instantly show everyone your touch of class .

Step 3

While the women's collection has every color and texture under the sun, the men's collection includes several specific designs that might thrill the doctor or golfer in your life. Rollerball and retractable ballpoint options are available in a number of lacquers, with the most popular being sterling silver. The top-of-the-line executive t-clip rollerball pen in sterling silver will set you back $325.

Step 4

Want something unique? Are you looking for antique Tiffany pens, or something distinctive from the current ballpoint line? For vintage Tiffany pens, your best bet will be antique dealers or pawn shops. There are also several reputable sites online with Tiffany pen sets if you have something specific in mind. My local Tiffany store has also recommended several nearby authorized dealers when there was a specific item I could no longer buy from the retailer.

Step 5

Care for your pen. The majority of Tiffany & Co. pens are sterling silver, a medium for which Tiffany has basically established the United States standard. Tiffany silver is guaranteed to be 92.5 percent pure.Over time, Tiffany silver turns the signature "patina." Tiffany recommends that you only use their silver cleaner on their products and store their items in their trademark case to ensure safety. All Tiffany products feature their trademarked signature, so if you are buying from a dealer or antique store, be sure you see that signature before parting with your money.