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In some cases, your fingers may shrink, making your rings too big. In other cases, you may need a larger size to slide over your knuckle, but once in place, the ring spins because it is too large. If your fingers have grown smaller, you could get the ring professionally sized, but if you need a larger size to slip over your knuckle, resizing is not an option. Instead, you can use a ring adjuster, guard, bumper or yarn to close the gap between your ring and your finger.

Purchase a ring adjuster to wear with your ring. A ring adjuster is a small metal band that attaches discreetly into the back of the band of your ring. The adjuster makes the ring opening smaller and makes the ring sit tightly against your finger. It can be removed if necessary to slide the ring over your knuckle.

Wrap yarn around the back of the ring until it fits on your finger. While this is not the most attractive way to size your ring, it is a good option if you are in a pinch. Yarn is only good for a temporary fix as it easily gets dirty, especially when you wash your hands.

Slide a ring bumper onto the back of the ring. These bumpers are small, clear tubes made of flexible plastic or rubber. Press the ring into the slit in the bumper to make the ring fit more snuggly.

Use a ring guard solution to create a filler for the gap between the ring and your finger. Apply the clear solution in a line along the back of your ring. Allow it to dry. The solution will harden to create a thicker surface on the ring band. It can easily be removed later without damaging the ring.

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