How to Fade Hair Color Fast

By Betsy Gallup

Hair color can turn a mousy brown into a sassy red. Not only does it snazz up your appearance, but it can give a boost to your self-confidence. However, sometimes dreams of a new look can turn into a hair color disappointment. The color turns out too dark or just the wrong tint for your skin tone. When this happens, you need to know how to fade hair color fast without sacrificing hair health.

You can fade hair color fast without damaging your hair.

Step 1

Mix a generous amount of shampoo with baking soda and peroxide. The baking soda and the peroxide will react together to break down the hair dye.

Step 2

Wet hair. Saturate thoroughly, so the shampoo will lather.

Step 3

Shampoo hair thoroughly. If the hair color is splotchy or only covers part of your hair, focus your shampooing efforts only on those sections.

Step 4

Rinse thoroughly. Residual shampoo may continue the fading process beyond the desired results and irritate the scalp.

Step 5

Apply conditioner according to instructions and rinse out.