Motion Shot Of Two Toned Dyed Hair

If you want to create a new look that's dramatic and edgy but don't have enough money for the salon, you can achieve a great effect at home by dyeing the underneath layers of your hair. You won't spend much money and will be able to customize everything about the look from what color to use and how much hair to dye. When choosing a color, keep in mind which shades will match with both your top color and skin tone.

Mix your preferred hair dye according to the directions. Set aside. Put on an old T-shirt or wrap a towel around your shoulders to protect your skin from getting marked.

Part your hair to separate the top section from the one underneath, leaving the preferred amount of hair to be dyed loose. Secure the upper layers to the top of the head with a hair clip.

Apply the mixed color to the bottom layer only, using a color brush. If the dye you bought is boxed, simply squirt it over the hair and use a comb to evenly distribute the color.

Allow the color to sit for the time given in the instructions, usually anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.

Rinse the color from your hair until the water runs clear, tipping your head forward in the shower, so only the bottom layer gets wet. If your hair dye came with a conditioner, apply it and let sit for two minutes before rinsing.

Blow-dry the newly dyed section until it is completely dry. Remove the hair clips to let the top layer of hair down and brush it out to blend. If any sections from the top layer got damp in the rinsing process, blow-dry as needed.

Use a shampoo that is specially formulated to protect color during washes, so the new color doesn't fade or blend in with the top layer color.