How to Exit a Car Wearing a Short Skirt

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While wearing a short skirt and getting out of a car, a woman never knows who could be looking at her. Whether it's her date helping her out or strangers across the way, you want to make sure you don't give anyone a view that you don't want them to see. Not only is that situation embarrassing to you, it's awkward for the person that sees. Here are some tips for exiting a car while wearing a short skirt and not revealing too much.

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How To Exit A Car Wearing A Short Skirt

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Before you even get to your destination, start making adjustments to your outfit. When you sit down, the back of the skirt could ride up a bit and the front starts to creep up your legs. Smooth everything down so that even when the door is opened, you won't be revealing too much before you even step out of the car.

As the car door opens, put your ankles and your knees together. Give a little pull at the bottom of the skirt so that it stretches down a bit more toward your knees. Swing your legs around to the opening of the car, still keeping your ankles and your knees together, and place both of your feet on the ground.

Use one hand to grab the person helping you out of the car or the door and your other hand to hold your skirt. For example, if you are getting out of the right side of the car, use your right hand to grab your date's hand and put your left on the bottom of the hem of the skirt to keep it from riding up.

Carefully stand up, while putting some pressure from your hand onto the bottom of your skirt and keeping your knees and ankles still together. As you stand up, your skirt won't go anywhere and no one will get a view of anything that they're not supposed to.

Before you move away from the car, smooth down the back of your skirt to make sure that it's not stuck or rolled up in an awkward position. If it is, you can at least fix it while the back of you is still facing the car where no one sees you making adjustments.