How to Ensure Eyelash Extensions Don't Damage Your Lashes

By Cynthia Tucker

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that a technician applies one-by-one onto your natural lashes. They look and feel natural, as opposed to fake eyelashes, which are applied using adhesive strips. Eyelash extensions make your lashes look longer and fuller, and are safer than false eyelashes. Thanks to this technology, you now have the same opportunity as models and celebrities to wear gorgeous eyelashes that look just as real as your own.


Step 1

Apply single extensions onto a single lash, rather than two or more clusters. Lashes applied in clusters are too heavy for a single lash and will damage your natural hair follicle.

Step 2

Dry each extension thoroughly after applying it onto the lash. Doing so prevents the adhesive from sticking to the lashes surrounding it and pulling them out.

Step 3

Avoid using eyelash curlers. They break your lashes and may cause them not to grow back.

Step 4

Don't tug or pull on the extensions, because your natural lashes may come out with them. Your lashes could become damaged, which would prevent them from growing.

Step 5

Choose a licensed technician who has been properly trained and licensed to apply eyelash extensions. She should have taken a hands-on training course offered by a company who has a good reputation. Don't attempt to apply eyelash extensions yourself.