Women who grow tired of reapplying their lip color every hour now have many different lipstick options. The newer lines of long-lasting lipsticks are true to their name: they last all day, often without drying out your lips or giving them that “stained” appearance. The one dilemma with long-lasting lipsticks is their removal. Since they’re formulated to be resistant to foods and liquids, simply wiping your lips with a damp cloth won’t work. It is possible, however, to remove these lipsticks easily and cheaply — just follow several steps with products you may already have at home.

Things You'll Need

Apply a small amount of makeup remover to a cotton ball. Rub it on your lips, making sure your lips are fully saturated. Use a clean cotton ball or tissue to wipe the makeup remover and lipstick residue off. Repeat the application and wipe more vigorously if your lipstick is particularly stubborn. You can also use olive oil, baby oil or mineral oil for this step if you don’t have access to makeup remover.

Apply a gentle toner with low or no alcohol to a cotton ball and smooth it over your lips. This helps your lips from becoming dried out.

Use your finger or a cotton ball to apply cold cream or a petroleum-based moisturizer to your lips. Let it soak into your lips for about a minute, then wipe the excess off. Repeat this step, wiping vigorously if necessary, until the remainder of your lipstick is gone. This will also condition your lips.

Moisturize your lips often with lip balm or moisturizer for easier lipstick application and removal.


  • Moisturize your lips more than you moisturize your face, since the skin of the lips is more fragile than that of the rest of the face.

  • Refrain from excessive sun exposure, exposure to extremely cold weather or licking your lips, since they all dry out the skin of your lips.