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If you have very short hair and happen to be wondering if you can dye your tresses, the answer is yes. Even though you have short hair, the task is doable and very simple. You don’t have to pile hair on top of your head or deal with tangles during rinsing like those with long hair do. You can update or change your look with a box of inexpensive hair dye in less than an hour.

Learn the differences between the various types of hair dyes on the market. Hair dyes are primarily broken into five different types – permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, temporary and natural.

Pick a permanent dye if you’re looking for a color that doesn’t fade until your hair grows out completely. Blonde, grey and lightning several shades requires a permanent hair color. If you are looking for a dye that lasts about a month, decide on a demi-permanent dye. Choose a semi-permanent dye for a temporary coloring that lasts up to two months. Opt for a temporary or natural hair dye if you only want a coloring to last a few days.

Select the hair dye color of your choice. Keep in mind that certain shades do not go well with some skin tones. Refer to the examples on the product boxes and compare your skin to the photos of models to choose the best color for you.

Lay a towel under your feet to protect flooring or carpets.

Dress yourself in old clothing.

Place a towel around your shoulders. Spread Vaseline around the top of your forehead and ears to prevent skin discoloration from the hair dye.

Slip on rubber gloves.

Read the hair dye directions for application carefully. Mix the dye in the product bottle per the instructions. Cover the opening of the bottle with your thumb and gently shake for 30 seconds to insure the ingredients mix properly.

Squeeze the bottle gently while applying the dye to the hairline on the back of your head. Work upwards in sections on your head. Rub the dye into your hair thoroughly to prevent streaking or blotchy areas.

Wipe off dye from your face or other places where drips occur with a paper towel.

Watch the clock and rinse out the dye per the product directions.

Apply a deep conditioner to your hair and allow to stand for five minutes. Rinse conditioner from your hair and style as usual.


Consult a hairdresser if you plan to dye your hair from a dark color to a light blonde. Your hair has to go through multiple shades to reach the correct color; improperly dying your hair can leave your hair orange or brassy.


Use towels and old clothing to protect your carpets and flooring. Hair dye can bleach or stain. Always use gloves to prevent drying or staining of hands.