How to Dry Brush for Body Detoxification & Cellulite Removal

By LeafTV Editor

Dry brushing is a gentle way to exfoliate away dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin's glow, but the benefits go much deeper than you may expect. The technique of using a natural-bristle brush all over your body before bathing also stimulates the lymphatic system, which aids in detoxification of organs and glands.

Dry Brush for Body Detoxification & Cellulite Removal

In the same way that our liver and kidneys release built-up toxins and become stronger and healthier as a result, the increased circulation and self-massage that results from dry brushing can break down the toxic layers of fat underneath the skin that cause cellulite.

Many metaphysical teachers believe that cellulite is also caused in part by the build-up of toxic emotions and thought patterns. We think with every cell in our body, not just with our "minds." Over time, our thoughts create patterns that become stored in our cellular memory.

When we continuously believe harmful and negative things about ourselves and our bodies, we store those toxic thoughts in each of our cells, creating "patterns" on our bodies that we can see. When we dislike the new patterns our bodies are creating, we create even more harmful and toxic thoughts. It can be a vicious cycle, but we can start in the present moment to break the pattern. Creating a new cycle of healthy thoughts and bodymind patterns can be as easy as dry brushing your body every day.

Step 1

Begin with a natural bristle brush, preferably one with a long handle, so it's easy to reach your back. Moving the brush in small strokes towards your heart, work the brush over your entire body before your morning bathing.

Step 2

I start with my arms, follow with my torso front and back, then end with my legs and feet, but other people prefer to work in the opposite direction. Do what feels natural to you.

Step 3

Always keep the strokes moving toward your heart, not away from it. This stimulates the lymphatic system and strengthens the heart. Work the strokes in a clockwise direction around your belly, and in gentle circular motions around each buttock and breast.

Step 4

When you've finished your entire body, including hands and feet, take a warm shower and gently pat yourself dry. You will instantly notice a fresh glow, and with regular brushing, your body, your mind, and your bodymind will reap even greater benefits!