How to Drink Canary Seed

By Bob Romanov

Largely unknown in the English-speaking world, the supposed health benefits of canary seeds are famous in the Spanish-speaking world. Traditionally used to feed pet canaries, canary seeds are the main ingredient in a drink called leche alpiste (Spanish for "milk of canary seeds"). The drink is supposed to be great for improving internal health. Some even claim that the drink can heal diabetes. Whatever the health benefits, drink preparation is easy.


Step 1

Soak five tbsp. of the seeds overnight in water. Soak them in a bowl, glass, or jar. Use clean water.

Step 2

Drain the seeds in the morning.

Step 3

Put the seeds in a blender. Add water, about 1 liter, and blend. You can also add milk or rice milk and honey.

Step 4

Drink a big glass when you wake up and another before bed.