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Avocados are touted by some for having healing properties and qualities that improve the body's well-being. Avocado pits have been used to create hair treatments and poultices for bodily discomforts. While it can be difficult to work with these seeds because of their solid composition, you can grate and cook them to make them more manageable and useful for your healing recipes.

Cut an avocado in half with a knife. Be sure to handle the fruit carefully while you are cutting it, as the insides can be slippery. Cut or scoop out the pit in the middle and wash off any excess avocado flesh. Pat the seed dry.

Grate the avocado pit into small pieces. Hold the pit firmly in your hand and apply it somewhat forcefully to the grater. This can be a little difficult; it is not always easy to hold onto the hard, small seeds. Keep a tight grip and take your time to grate the seed into a pile of slivers. Repeat this step as needed.

Follow the instructions in your recipe to measure out the necessary amount of water into the pot. Bring the water to a boil. Add the grated pit pieces to the water. Continue following your recipe's instructions to complete your cooked product or poultice.