How to Dress to Hide a Pregnancy

By LeafTV Contributor

How to Dress to Hide a Pregnancy. Trying to look nice when you are pregnant is challenging. Dressing to hide a pregnancy is an even bigger challenge. Some women will stay fairly small for the entire pregnancy. For these women, hiding the pregnancy will be much easier than it is for women whose bump shows up very early.

Dress to Hide a Pregnancy

Step 1

Resist the temptation to wear very large, baggy clothes. These may seem like the right choice to hide your belly, but in actuality, they will make you look bigger.

Step 2

Pick longer tops than normal. Shirts that end right at your belly will draw attention to it. Pick tops that end at least one inch below your bump. A big part of dressing to hide a pregnancy is drawing attention away from your growing stomach.

Step 3

Choose dark colored shirts or shirts with a busy print such as flowers. While it may seem like these will draw attention to your stomach, just the opposite is true. Dark colors and busy prints have a slimming effect. Add pants that are lighter than your shirt. Keep in mind that horizontal stripes make you look bigger so, at least for now, you should pass them up when choosing your outfit.

Step 4

Wear empire waist dresses. The waist line on these dresses falls right under you chest. After that point, they flare out so, at least in the beginning of a pregnancy, the flared fabric will hide your belly.

Step 5

Use accessories such as an overcoat or a large bag to hide your pregnancy bump. These items may work longer than simply trying to camouflage the pregnancy with regular clothes.