In many ways, Stevie Nicks’ signature wardrobe — a distinctly bohemian combination of flowing fabrics and rich textures — embodies her voice: ethereal, natural and full. Even if you don’t have the soulful pipes, you can emulate the iconic style sported by Nicks since the 1970s. To nail this look, focus on long, elegant layers with a Southwestern edge and a bit of Elizabethan flourish.

Things You'll Need

Sweeping Dresses

Onstage, Nicks’ signature twirls often show off her long, layered and billowing dresses. Rarely seen in pants, Nicks typically relies on a sinuous dress to define her base layer. Pay homage to this style with a full dress cut such as maxi dress, mid-calf midi dress or open-collared shirtdress.

Slinky Skirts

To capture Nicks’ dense, varied look, breaking up your top and bottom half sometimes helps — in this case, go with a skirt rather than a dress. Pair a maxi skirt with a loose, featherweight blouse and bold belt for a classic Nicks look, setting the whole thing off with a suede vest for good measure. For timeless Stevie style, choose fabrics with a strong sense of movement — chiffon, for example — and regal cuts such as broomstick, dirndl, peasant or sarong skirts.

Tempestuous Textiles

Plentiful layers and indulgent textures are key to capturing the Fleetwood Mac siren’s look. For fabrics, seek suede, velvet, leather and loose knits. Nicks sports everything from knitted wool to ghostly gossamer, so feel free to mix light and heavy textiles. As for prints, Stevie typically sticks with natural imagery, such as floral or nature patterns. Sewn-in accents like embroidery, gilding or beads capture Nicks’ queenly vibe.

Going With the Flow

Flowing, blousy sleeves are a Stevie Nicks staple. For an airy look that stays true to the songwriter, choose thin, transparent fabrics, bell sleeves and kimono cuts. Whether on your dress or skirt, long fringes, wrapped layers and ruffles particularly capture the singer’s iconic sweeping style. Start your flowing lines right at the top with a headscarf on cool days.

All About the Shawl

Perhaps no wardrobe item defines Stevie’s style more succinctly than her shawl. Layer this essential accessory over a dress, jacket or flowing blouse to mimic her gypsy-inspired aesthetic. Choose lightweight, rippling chiffon, heavier knitted wool, poncho-like suede or even a bohemian patchwork-style shawl. Shawls with doily-style accents add a particularly feminine touch.

Ethereal Accessories

To add further interest to your top half, go with a Nicks-style leather or suede cutaway jacket, leather or fingerless gloves, or — if you’re feeling bold — one of her iconic short stack top hats. In the realm of jewelry, accent long layers with deep necklaces and bold, jangly bracelets in warm bronze, gold or natural hues. Chunky knee- or calf-high buccaneer-style boots in velvet or leather complete virtually any Nicksian ensemble.