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Getting dressed during pregnancy can be intimidating and often uncomfortable. As your body changes, it seems easier to opt for sweat pants than slacks. However, you don't have to compromise your style if you choose pieces that are both flattering and comfortable. Here are a few ideas for your first trimester.

Opt for Dressy Casual Layers

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In the cooler months you can layer a jacket over a blouse and your favorite stretch pants for a dressy casual look. Flats or heels work with this kind of outfit depending on the occasion. Add a long necklace to complete the look.

Pair Stretch Denim With Long Sweaters

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Whether you favor skinny cut, bootleg or flare, you can still pull off jeans during those first few months of pregnancy if you pair them with the right top and shoes. If the pants in your closet don't quite fit, try the rubberband trick: loop an elastic hair tie through the button hole and around the button to hold your pants in place.

A belly band or Blanqi bodystyler can also keep those pants up while you wait out the months before you really need maternity pants. Stretch denim material forgives and flatters growing hips, and may even keep you out of yoga pants for the day.

Longer, loose-fitting light sweaters add a little length over the waistline, and allow room for the growing baby bump. Booties make a comfortable low-heel option to pair with jeans when you want to dress them up but remain comfortable.

Wear Tops With Texture

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When you feel daring, try tops with texture. Pleats are harder to pull off on the bottom as your pregnancy develops, but how about pleats on top? Flowing and forgiving, a little texture can dress up a look in an easy and fun way. Other variations you can play around with: scalloped edges, mesh layers or even a little fringe edging.

Choose Slim-Cut Dresses

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Slim-cut dresses feel incredibly comfortable even as your belly grows, and they don't have to be basic in design. A dress with a few varying-edge layers or a dress with a diagonal cut adds a little dimension to your look. Soft cotton and silk make a good combination for elegance without sacrificing comfort. Add a long necklace and jacket for a night out, or dress flats for a day with your friends.

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