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A strategically-placed facial mole, à la Marilyn Monroe, Eva Mendes or Cindy Crawford, is considered the mark of a bombshell in many societies and cultures. If you were not fortunate enough to be born with a dainty beauty mark of your own, you can always paint one on using makeup and a steady hand.

Choose the location for your mole. Above or below the lips, below the eye or on the cheek, are all spots to place your beauty mark that are typically considered attractive.

Locate an existing mole. If you have a light, small or faintly colored mole on your face, you can simply enhance what you already have and achieve a natural-looking beauty mark.

Sharpen your waterproof eyebrow pencil to a point. Place a small dot in the location where you want your mole. Slowly enlarge the circle to approximately 1/16 inch. Rest your fingers on your face to steady your hand while you work.

Use a makeup brush to dust your face with translucent facial powder. The light layer of powder will help your mole blend in and give it a more realistic appearance.

Remove your mole with liquid eye makeup remover on a cotton ball if you make a mistake or at the end of the evening before cleansing your face.


If you love the look of your new beauty mark and receive lots of compliments on it, consider seeing a qualified cosmetic surgeon, who specializes in permanent cosmetics, to have a permanent beauty mark tattooed on your face.