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You're going to a special event and need a quick but sophisticated hairstyle -- why not do a ponytail with a bang? You can make your ponytail longer and thicker by adding tracks. A track is the part of a hair weave that the hair weave strands are connected to. Your bangs can also look fuller with a few tracks. This style can be done in less than an hour if you follow the instructions.

Apply some leave-in conditioner to your hair; use your fingers to evenly distribute it throughout your hair.

Use your comb to part your hair into a square section in the middle front of your hair.

Take one of your hair scrunchies and tie this section of your hair with it.

Brush the rest of your hair in an upward motion. Use your hands to get a tight grip on your hair while brushing. Use a scrunchy to tie your hair into a ponytail.

Take your hair weave and take a small section at the end of the track. Put the hair weave section around the scrunchy to the very tip of the hair.

Take the hair track nearby the wrapped hair weave section and wrap it around the scrunchy that is around your ponytail. Continue wrapping until you are satisfied with the volume of your ponytail. The length of your track depends on how long you want it to be.

Use the scissors to cut the track where you desire to stop wrapping the hair weave. Take the end of the track and pull a section of hair weave to the side. Take the section and wrap the hair around your ponytail until there is no hair left from that section. Take a hair pin and pin it in the end of the wrapped hair weave section.

Take the scrunchy out of the bang section and comb it out with your comb.

Part the bottom portion of your bang horizontally. Hold the upper portion of your bang away from the lower portion with a scrunchy.

Measure and cut out a track to be the same width as your bang; use your scissors to cut the track.

Take hair bonding glue and apply a thin layer on one side of the track. Place it below the horizontal part, not on the scalp. Let glue dry for 5 minutes.

Repeat step 11 after doing another horizontal part in the upper middle region of your bang. Comb your hair downward.

Use your scissors to match the length of the hair weave to the length of your natural hair by cutting your weave in a horizontal direction. You are now ready for a special event.


Use hair jam or gel when brushing hair up to get a slicker ponytail.