For Halloween or the next school play, you don't need to spend money on expensive masks. You can turn a person of any age into an old man with things you probably have around the house. Apply the makeup yourself with the help of a mirror or ask someone else to do it for you. By adding wrinkles to your face with makeup, you'll be able to achieve natural, old-looking features.

Scrunch up your face and look in the mirror. This way, you can see where wrinkles will naturally fall on your face as you age. Because wrinkles are creases in the skin, it's important to know where your skin will crease.

Fill in the lines on your face with a black or grey eye pencil while you are squinting. Depending on how dark or light the eye pencil is, you will probably have to rub the lines in a bit to blend. Be careful not to smudge the lines too much.

Use a white highlighter cream to make your wrinkles stand out. Your face will tend to look flat if you simply draw with gray or black pencil on your face. Adding the cream highlighter will make your wrinkles seem three-dimensional and blended into the skin. Be careful not to cover up the already-drawn lines too much with white highlighter.

Pat your face with baby powder or talcum powder to set the makeup and make your face seem more pale. If you apply too much powder, blot it off carefully with a slightly damp cloth.

Step back a few feet from the mirror and look at your face. Do the lines blend into your face? Do all the lines show up? Carefully blend or add more wrinkles accordingly.


Test any powder or makeup on your arm before you apply it to the face to check for allergic reactions. Be careful not to get any makeup in your eyes.