How to Do Makeup With Black Hair

By Susan Ayers

If you were born with raven hair or just changed your hair color to jet black, you may be wondering which makeup may be the best for your hair color. Learning how to do makeup with black hair isn't difficult if you are patient and experiment from time to time. Learning what makeup to avoid when you have black hair is also instrumental when creating your best look.

Makeup for Black Hair

Step 1

Find the right foundation for your skin tone that will also complement your hair color. Black-haired beauties should avoid a foundation that is too pale. This look works in vampire movies but not so much for everyday living. Visit makeup counters at upscale department stores or retailers such as Sephora or Ulta that specialize in makeup. Ask their experts behind the counter to help you find the right shade. Try different shades on in neutral light and don't be afraid to blend two shades together to find the perfect one for you.

Step 2

Focus on one specific area if you are going dark. Applying a beautiful shade of red to your lips can be outstanding for raven-haired women. Just make sure you tone down the other areas. When applying bright-colored lipstick, use a base or primer on your lips first. Line your lips with a lip pencil next to make sure the lipstick stays on your lips and doesn't bleed. Then apply the shade and top it off with a gloss. To make sure the lipstick doesn't end up on your teeth, insert your ring, pointer and middle fingers into your mouth, purse your lips as you would when you blow a kiss and then pull the fingers out.

Step 3

Apply the perfect shade to your eyes. Smokey eyes are popular for women with black hair as this makeup application really makes eyes pop out. Smudge the smoke-colored pencil around the eyes and then soften the effect with shadow. Avoid using makeup that is too dark on the lids. Plum shades are very popular for women with black hair. When applied lightly, plum shadows can be worn during the day or can be applied dramatically for night-time.

Step 4

Shape and trim eyebrows so they don't compete with your hair. Keep eyebrows neatly plucked if they are very thick. Bushy black eyebrows do not complement black hair or any hair for that matter. If your hair color is not natural, ask your stylist about making your eyebrows match your hair. They may be able to do this for you in the salon. Or use a pencil to darken lighter brows if you need to match your raven hair color.

Step 5

Set your makeup in place so it lasts all day. Use a matte finish foundation or a mineral makeup which will stay on your skin without fading longer than other foundation types. Use a makeup primer underneath your foundation. Primers that are silicon-based will help makeup stay in place and last. Translucent powders will not make black-haired women look ghostly and will keep makeup in place so it lasts all day.