How to Do Make Up for Photos for 45-Year-Olds

By Rebecca Cioffi

When applying makeup for 45-year-olds for photos, remember that today's cameras are intensely accurate and record images in every detail. For a person over 40, that means every pore, wrinkle, bag and sunspot will show. There are a few basics that will work for both men and women if a professional-style photograph is desired.

Light makeup is all a 45-year-old woman needs in a photo.

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Step 1

Use a light foundation. Yes, men might object, but digital photographs will show every tonal difference in the face and the redness on and around the nose. A light dusting of powder foundation in the exact color of the skin is best for everyone.

Step 2

Brush off the powder from the eyelashes with a clean brush when making up a man. You want all eyelashes to show and not be covered by skin tone powder.

Step 3

Bite the lips if you're male to bring natural color to them.

Step 4

Continue makeup for women. Contour with a slightly deeper color of powder just under the cheekbones and under the chin. Blend it so there is no line of demarcation. Add a touch of the contour to the temples to almost frame the face.

Step 5

Color in eyebrows if sparse, or comb into natural position if plentiful.

Step 6

Add a light pink or peach color to the apple of the cheeks. Do not drag into the sides and hairline. People do that in real life, but photographs show it too distinctly, so keep the blush light and on the cheeks.

Step 7

Add upper and lower eyeliner in black or brown. Make it a very slight, thin line, and do not bring it out past the ends of the eyes for a natural opening up of the eyes. Skip eye shadow for photographs.

Step 8

Put mascara on upper and lower eyelashes thickly, but without smudging. Use black or brown to match the liner.

Step 9

Add a slight bit of peach- or coral-toned lipstick. Do not line lips, because it will show in photographs. Just brush on a slight amount of lipstick only on the natural lip.