How to Do Magazine Nail Art

By Ainsley Patterson

Your personal style is one way that you can stand out from the crowd and make a statement about who you are. Nails are an often overlooked opportunity to add to your personal style. Sure, you might choose unique colors to paint your nails, you might decide to don a French manicure, you might even have designs painted on your nails at the nail salon, but have you ever used words and pictures from magazines to decorate your nails? If you haven't, then you should give it a try--it is a great way to show off a little bit of your personality, and it isn't too terribly difficult to do.

Prepping Your Nails

Step 1

Remove any nail polish that you have on your nails with nail polish remover and cotton swabs.

Step 2

Trim your nails if necessary and file the edges and any rough spots on the top of your nail.

Step 3

Push your cuticles back. You can do this with your fingernails or with a cuticle tool, if you have one.

Finding Your Nail Art

Step 4

Begin looking through old magazines, that you don't mind cutting up, for words and/or pictures that are small enough to fit on your nails. The words can be put on the nail at an angle to make it easier to find words that will fit.

Step 5

Cut the words and/or pictures that you like that will fit on your nail out and set them to the side.

Step 6

Make sure that you cut out enough words and/or pictures for all of your nails plus a few more just in case some get ruined while you try to place them on your nail or you find that they don't fit.

Applying the Nail Art

Step 7

Begin by painting two coats of whatever color your would like on your nails. Make sure that you allow the first coat of the colored nail polish to dry completely before applying the second coat.

Step 8

Apply the words and/or pictures that you have chosen onto your nails while the second coat of color is still tacky. Using tweezers to help you to position the little pieces of paper will make this process easier, and pushing the pieces down with toothpicks will allow you to tack them on to your nail without smudging the surrounding polish.

Step 9

Paint a clear top coat on all of your nails carefully so as not to pull of the decals that you have just put down. You can use the toothpicks to get ride of any air bubbles that you may find under the decals during this process.

Step 10

Paint another layer of top coat on all of your nails if you feel it necessary, but only after the first layer of top coat has dried completely.