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Turn short nails into lovely nails safely with fiberglass nails. Fiberglass nails are also known as silk wraps and are one of the safest nail enhancement products to use for the natural nail. The product recommended for fiberglass nails is the back-scratcher fiberglass nail system.

Wash your hands. The first and most important step is to remove any polish and oil from the natural nail bed. Professional nail technicians use a product called No Lift Nail Primer to dry out the natural nail bed so that the following steps will last without lifting or popping off. Use nail polish remover to take off old nail polish and buff the nail bed lightly to remove the oil but do not over buff as this will cause the natural nail to become thin and could damage the natural growth of the nail. Apply the primer, using the primer according to the instructions. Do not overuse the primer because it is toxic and could harm the natural nails.

Apply the acrylic tip to the natural nail using a glue made for human consumption. Back-scratcher glue is recommended for this step. Cut the tip to desired length using nail clippers. Use the entire line of products; do not mix product lines. Buff the nail tip so that is it flush with the nail bed. Be very careful not to over buff the nail bed.

Adhere the fiberglass over the top of the nail bed covering the entire nail bed. Use stork scissors to cut any excess fiberglass away from the nail. Do not let the fiberglass touch the cuticle or skin on any side of the nail. Try to leave a demarcation of at least 1/8 inch from the cuticle area. Do not leave any fiberglass hanging over the edge.The fiberglass has a sticky backing that will allow a firm placement.

Brush on the sticker over the complete nail and fiberglass. Do not touch the skin or cuticle. Do not use too much sticker because this will cause bubbling when the kicker is sprayed on. The sticker is the same glue used to adhere the nails tips and comes with a brush applicator to apply it during this step. Spray a quick short spray of kicker over the glue to accelerate and harden the glue. Be very careful not to over spray the product because it could cause a burning sensation and even damage the natural nail. Be very careful not to spray the kicker too close to the nails, keeping the spray at least 5 or 6 inches away. Buff the glue to remove the shine and apply the sticker and kicker again. Buff after each application. Do not apply more than three times or the nail will be too thick.

Buff, shape and polish the nails to finish. The fiberglass nail should last 2 weeks until the next visit. Fiberglass nails are best recommended because they are porous and allow the natural nail bed to breath and prevent fungus infections.


Use a white tip to achieve a French manicured look at the end of the application. Apply a clear polish to complete. When using a white tip, be sure to place the tip far enough down the nail so that it looks natural and as a real nail would grow. If you use real silk, instead of fiberglass for the wraps, remember that real silk is not as durable as the fiberglass wraps.


Be very careful to follow product instructions because permanent nail damage could occur. Do not bite or tear the tips. Do not mix products. Do not use your new nails as tools. Wash your hands.

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