How to Do Cameron Diaz Makeup

By Sarah Vrba

The gorgeous Cameron Diaz has been boasting an athletic figure and infectious smile since her modeling days in the early 1990s. But today, the actress, who admits to having bad skin as a teen and bouts with adult acne later in life, sticks with the natural look, using subtle makeup that shows off her high cheekbones and big blue eyes. Replicating Diaz's beachy look for yourself is easy -- just adopt a few of her light-handed application tricks, as well as the fresh colors and bronze undertones that give her that effortless, outdoorsy glow..

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Cameron Diaz shows off glowing skin and a bright pop of color on her lips.

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Set the Stage

Apply a moisturizing foundation to your face using a large brush. The foundation should match your skin color as closely as possible. Work the foundation all the way to your hairline and under your jaw until it sits smoothly on the skin. Apply a creamy concealer to any areas of your face that need correction and tap on a concealer that's one shade lighter than your foundation under your eyes. Sweep a light mineral veil of powder over your face to set the foundation and concealer in place. The lightweight veil will keep your skin glowing -- just like Diaz -- and prevent a caked-on makeup look.

Lights On

Contour your face with a very light application of bronzer. Apply just underneath the jawbone, down the bridge of your nose and a tiny bit on your forehead. Be sure to apply the bronzer very lightly with a fluffy kabuki brush for a natural look. Alternatively, apply a peach-toned blush to the apples of your cheeks for a warm, evening look. Whether you use the bronzer or blush, the warmth of these colors will replicate that dewy, sun-kissed glow that's trademark Cameron Diaz.

Bright Eyes

Apply a shimmery nude eyeshadow to both of your eyelids with a small eyeshadow brush. Work the shadow all the way up to the crease so that it sits evenly on the lid. Apply a small amount of the same eyeshadow along your bottom lash line with an angle brush to add a bright pop to your eyes. You can also apply a small amount of smoky brown shadow to the outer crease for a more dramatic Diaz look. Line the top lash line with a black cream eyeliner. Work as closely to the lash line as possible and flick the liner out a tiny bit at the outer corner of the eye. Apply two coats of very black, volumizing mascara. Leave the bottom lash line free, except for that beautiful shimmery nude for a bright-eyed California Cameron look.

Give Me Some Lip

Apply a peach-toned, nude lipstick with a little gloss for a look that's appropriate for the daytime. Apply a more neutral-toned shade of lipstick if you opted to wear the smokier eyeshadow combo. Alternatively, Cameron often sports a bright red pop of color on her lips. With the nude shimmer on the eyes, the red will complement the eye palette and highlight the mouth -- perfect for evening glam.