A straw set is a convenient way to wear natural black hair. Because it does not involve heat or excessive pulling, it also is a healthy style for relaxed hair. With a few bobby pins and some drinking straws, you can create an attractive look.

Distribute setting lotion throughout your hair. Spray your hair lightly with a couple of bursts of a setting lotion such as Avlon's KeraCare Setting Lotion.

Arrange your hair in a way that makes it easy to manage with the wide-tooth comb. Arrange it so your spiral curls will fall how you want them to when you are done with the straw set.

Grab a straw and about an inch-width of hair. Wrap the hair around the straw. Roll the hair up into a tight spiral and pin it with a bobby pin. Repeat this process until you are finished with your entire head of hair.

Allow your hair to dry before removing the pinned straws. It is better for your hair to air dry, but you may dry it under a dryer, if necessary.


  • Wash and condition your hair before starting the straw set process. Do not dry your hair after washing; the process works better on damp hair.