How to Do a Roller Wrap for Black Women

By Tyra Marieza

The roller wrap hairstyle is a classic "do" that fits any occasion. Generally this style is seen on women who have medium to long length hair and is recognizable by its sleek and bouncy flow. A roller wrap can be a do-it-yourself style or done by a professional. Using the right hair care products and applying proper hair styling technique is the best way to achieve this timeless look.

Look for shampoos that contain water and natural ingredients.

Step 1

Shampoo the scalp. A good roller wrap can be worn for several days. When the scalp has not been thoroughly cleansed you risk having the style prematurely ruined by visible dandruff. During this step you should apply a teaspoon of a deep cleanser shampoo to the scalp after it has been wetted with warm water. Beginning at the nape of the neck, rub the shampoo into the scalp with your finger tips. Continue to the outer edges of the hairline and to the top of the head. The capillary vessels in the hair papillae is stimulated by this massage technique, allowing the scalp follicles to be cleared of any toxins, dead skin and product residue.

Step 2

Rinse and shampoo the hair again. Pour a teaspoon of moisturizing shampoo into the palms of your hand, then gently apply the shampoo to the hair strands going in one direction before rinsing in warm water.This second wash is for the actual hair; it removes any residue that could be on the hair strands from everyday products like styling gel, holding spritz, and hair pomade. Without washing the hair properly, the roller wrap will appear too oily and will feel "heavy" to the client.

Step 3

Condition the hair. Apply a generous amount of conditioner to the hair beginning at the roots, smoothing down to the ends. Allow the conditioner to sit on the hair for a minimum of 4 minutes before rinsing with cool water. The cool water will close the scalp pores that were opened during the deep cleansing process and remove excess conditioning residue.

Step 4

Roll the hair. Hair is extremely vulnerable when it is wet, especially African American hair that has been treated with a chemical straightens. Gently detangle the hair with your fingers before using a wide-tooth comb to unravel curling hair strands. Part the hair into four big sections. Then part each section into three vertical sections. Comb the parted section until it smooth, then roll the hair. Done correctly the rollers will have form a stacked pattern.

Step 5

Dry the hair using a hooded hair dryer. The heat setting should be set for medium to high heat. Depending on the hair's thickness the hair may take anywhere from one to two hours to completely dry.

Step 6

Remove the rollers. Remove the rollers from the hair. Rub a small amount of natural oil (coconut or jojoba) into the palms of your hand to add moisture and shine. Then carefully use your fingers to slightly separate the curls and apply the rubbed oil onto the hair strands.

Step 7

Using a styling brush, brush and smooth the sections of hair down and around your head in a circular motion. Secure theyour wrapped hair with wrapping tape. Sit under the dryer for another 2 to 5 minutes or until dry.

Step 8

Style the hair. Using a wide-tooth comb, gently comb the hair down and out of the wrap. Be sure to keep your combing direction consistent with the final style position.