How to Do a Professional Blowout With Velcro Rollers

By Julia Story

Women with medium to long hair have many options when it comes to styling their locks; a blowout look creates body, shine, and a sleek appearance. A professional blowout is created by adding large, loose curls for body and waves. A blow dryer is used to dry the hair, and hair products are used to create body and shine. Professional blowouts may cost thirty to one hundred dollars or more at elite salons. However, with the right tools you can accomplish a professional blowout look at home.

A blow dryer is an important tool for creating a blowout look.

Step 1

Wash and condition your hair using hydrating shampoo and conditioner to prevent the styling process from drying out your hair. Towel dry until hair is only damp.

Step 2

Work volumizing mousse into your roots while your hair is still moist; this helps create body and volume in your hair.

Step 3

Bend at the waist and duck your head, letting your hair hang down. Blow dry your hair in this position; this encourages your hair not to dry flat against your head. Stop once your hair is about eighty percent dry.

Step 4

Stand up straight again and part your hair into four sections using a comb; the front, back, left, and right sides will each be a section.

Step 5

Dry your hair in each section by holding the hair straight up and drying the roots in clumps of about two inches. Using a round brush, brush the hair while blow drying it.

Step 6

Wrap your dried hair around large velcro rollers; use one large roller per section of hair to use four rollers. For thicker hair, use more rollers. The rollers stay in place with velcro.

Step 7

Blow dry your hair in the velcro rollers to heat them; this helps set the curls.

Step 8

Remove the curlers by unrolling them without tugging the curl out of your hair. Brush your hair with the round roller and spray with hairspray.