How to Do a Pedicure for Men

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Pedicures aren't just for ladies anymore. Taking care of your feet and improving your nail health means you'll be comfortable walking along the beach or slipping your toes into sandals. With a bubbling foot bath and relaxing leg massage as a part of this treatment, a manly-pedi might just the pampering you need.

A pedicurist performing pedicure on a man's foot
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How To Do A Pedicure For Men

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If your feet have never been pampered by a pedicure -- or if your session was long ago -- your heels and toes are probably rough and dry. Soaking your feet for as little as 5 minutes softens them, preparing them for the cuticle-trimming and moisturizing to come.


If your feet are seriously rough, pour a 1/2 cup of milk into the bath. The milk's lactic acid works to eliminate that dry and rough dead skin. (see Ref 4)

Now that your rough patches are slightly softer, pull out a pumice stone and gently massage it into those dry, rough areas. Buff away any calluses or places with dead skin buildup.

Trim both your nails and those often-overlooked cuticles. Use toenail clippers to trim each nail, keeping it short -- just above the tip of your toe. Use a nail file to shape any sharp edges. Then, use a cuticle cutter to snip away any dead skin that is surrounding each toenail.


If you're having trouble trimming the cuticles, put your toes back into the foot bath for a few minutes. Particularly rough and dry skin will need a longer soak to adequately soften the skin for easy grooming.

Now that you've buffed away dry patches and uncovered softer skin, keep it that way. Work your favorite lotion into your feet, focusing on those particularly rough and dry areas such as the heels.


Keep up your moisturizing routine to extend the life of your pedicure. After a shower, always moisturize your feet -- and the rest of your body along with it -- to soften rough skin.

Nail polish isn't for every guy, but it's certainly an option. Clear polish adds a subtle sheen to your nails. If you're not a polish guy, your pedicure will still create well-groomed feet that you won't mind showing off.


If you're enjoying a pedicure at a salon, your technician will also give your legs a relaxing, tension-relieving massage.