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If you’re like most people, it can be tough to find time or cash for pampering in the midst of everyday responsibilities. But even if you’re unable to head to the spa for a full afternoon, you can still add relaxation to your routine without breaking your commitments -- or the bank. Opt for a stress-relieving pedicure using ingredients and items you likely already have at home.

Fill a large bowl with enough warm water to cover your feet and ankles. Add five drops of your favorite essential oil to the water -- peppermint is invigorating while lavender relaxes. Allow your feet to soak in the warm bath for up to 10 minutes.

Remove your feet from the bowl and pat them dry with a clean hand towel. Release the used water down the drain, then add more warm water to the bowl.

Use the clippers to trim your toenails. Cut each nail straight across to avoid ingrown nails. Then, use the nail file to shape your nails as needed. Wet a cotton ball with the nail-polish remover to clean off any leftover nail polish from previous pedicures.

Wet your feet again in the bowl, then mix together the sea salt and grapeseed oil to make an exfoliating foot scrub. Massage the scrub into your feet paying close attention to your heels and any rough spots. Use a pumice stone to gently remove dead skin. Rinse your feet in the bowl, then pat your feet dry with the hand towel.

Rub your favorite lotion into your feet and toes to give yourself a moisturizing foot massage. Allow the lotion to soak into your skin before moving to the final step.

Place foam toe separators between your toes on each foot. If you don't have separators, wind a twisted piece of toilet paper between your toes to separate them. Place the nail-polish brush at the cuticle of each nail. Use a downward motion to paint the center of your nail, then fill in the other sides. Always use two coats of color and allow 3 to 4 minutes to pass between coats. Add a top coat to set the color.


To keep nail polish from smudging, do not wear closed-toe shoes for at least 3 hours upon polishing.


Do not cut your cuticles if you have a cuticle trimmer at home as this can lead to infection if not done in the proper way.

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