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Creating a mohawk with long hair can be challenging, but it is an easier task if you choose the right styling products. Strong hold products such as hair glue, strong hold hair spray and pomade will help to mold your long hair into an extreme mohawk.

How to mold long hair into a mohawk

Wash your hair the night before you want to style it. Freshly washed hair is usually lighter and frizzier than hair that has been washed about 12 hours because the natural oils in the scalp help to calm stray hairs and also make molding the hair more easy.

Apply the hair glue from tips to root while your head is turned upside down, covering all of the hair. Once you have applied the product begin shaping the hair into a mohawk. Do this by beginning at the top of the head near the temples. Flatten your hands and place each palm at each temple. Slowly move your hands towards the tip of the hair, flattening the hair together into a mohawk shape. Continue to do this movement to the back of the head. The hair should all be in fin-like spike directly down the middle of the head.

Apply pomade to the sides of the head to get smaller pieces to push up into the mohawk. Finish the look with a good amount of hairspray applied directly to all of the hair.

Keep your head upside down while you blowdry the style until it feels very stiff. This step is very important. If you do not seal in the style with heat and air, then it will most likely flop over due to the sheer weight of long hair. Be sure that your long mohawk is stiff from root to tip before you stand up straight.


Thin hair makes the best mohawks because there is less hair, and weight, to defy gravity. You can ask your stylist to thin out your hair if you plan to wear a mohawk style often.