How to Do a Curly Updo Hairstyle

By LeafTV Editor

Whether it is your wedding day, prom or a night out, a curly updo is almost always the way to make you feel that much more beautiful. Here are steps to create a salon masterpiece, without the salon price.

How To Do A Curly Updo Hairstyle
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How To Do A Curly Updo Hairstyle


Wash, dry, comb and brush out your hair in preparation for the updo. It is helpful to use hair products that are appropriate for your hair type. If you are unsure about what types of products to use on your hair, find websites that sell good quality hair products. Many stylists prefer salon quality hair products to store brands, but it all depends upon your budget and if your scalp is sensitive.

Section out the hair and either curl it with a curling iron, or pin it up with hot rollers. It is usually easier to pull most of your hair up, leaving a 1-inch section at the bottom. This way you can take pieces of the hair that is left down, and curl it with a curling iron, or roll it up with hot rollers. After this bottom section is down, pull down another 1-inch section of hair and repeat the process. By the time you are through, your head needs to be covered with curls or hot rollers.

Take your curled hair and gently pull the hair up into a high pony tail using a pony tail holder. Try to keep from disturbing the curls too much, as the hair could lose some of its curl. Be very gentle and slow about pulling it up. You can use a comb or brush to brush the sides of your head as you pull up your hair. Just don't brush the curls.

Starting at the top middle of the pony tail, grab a strand of curl and pin to your head with hair pins. Continue like this all the way around the pony tail. This is to hide the pony tail, and give you a more polished updo look. Situate the curls around your head and pin them with the hair pins.

Curl any falling hair strands, and finish with hair spray. If you have used many hair pins, you can use a softer hair spray so that your hair has some movement and is more natural looking.


  • If your hair is light brown to blond, use brown hair pins. If your hair is medium to dark brown or black, use black hair pins.