How to Do a Curly Mohawk

By Christina Sloane

The curly Mohawk is a faux Mohawk hairstyle designed for naturally curly hair, particularly African hair types. If you'd like to experiment with a punk rock look for a show or a night at the club without committing to a true shaved Mohawk, the curly Mohawk is a good compromise. This hairstyle works best with shoulder-length hair.

A curly mohawk gives the illusion of shaved hair.

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Step 1

Wash your hair and moisturize it with pomade. Curl your hair with eight hair pins and wrap a bandana over your hair. Sleep with the bandana on or wear it for at least eight hours.

Step 2

Remove the curlers and fluff your hair out.

Step 3

Comb your curls up toward the center of your head to create a curly Mohawk shape. Your hair should be sleek on the sides with big, curly hair running down the center of your head.

Step 4

Secure your hair in place with hair pins.

Step 5

Seal the hairstyle with additional pomade.