Hairstyles from the 70’s are known for looking both effortless and voluminous. You may wish to sport a 70’s hairstyle if you are attending a “retro” event or if you are styling your hair to complete a Halloween costume. Many of the techniques used in the 70’s to style hair are now considered outdated by professional stylists and cosmetologists. By using the proper updated styling techniques as well as the right hair products, you can do 70’s hairstyles yourself.

Things You'll Need

Wet your hair evenly.

Pump mousse into your hands and rub your hands together so that the product covers your hands completely.

Work the product through your hair from root to tip. Volumizing mousse will create a strong yet pliable base for the style.

Flip your head upside down and turn on your hair dryer.

Use your grooming brush to direct your hair toward the ground. Drying it this way will create the most volume possible.

Turn your curling iron on. Set it to medium to high heat.

Begin in the front of your head and curl sections that are about 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick.

Wrap each curled section around your pointer and middle finger and clip the individual sections to your scalp with the curl clips. You will be creating a curled set and should end up with your entire head curled and clipped to your scalp.

Spray the hairspray around your head and allow the curls to set for at least 30 minutes.

Release the curls from the clips and spray all of your hair once again with hairspray. Hairspray is very important in creating a 70’s hairstyle.

Use your grooming brush to finish the style. Once you set your hair, you can work it into several different final styles. In the front, you may choose to begin at your roots and pull the curls down and up. This feathered look is very common in 70’s hairstyles.

Mist the final style lightly with hairspray. 70’s hairstyles do not look stiff so it is important to brush out any areas that visibly have hairspray on them.