By Sam Grover

You may want a liquor-based drink, but you may also want to drink more than a couple without having to crawl home. A good way to do this is to dilute your liquor. According to the New Zealand Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC), alcohol negatively affects your brain, skin, liver and a variety of other body parts and organs; you can reduce these effects by diluting your liquor -- drinking less alcohol without consuming less liquid.

Diluting drinks makes them healthier.

Step 1

Measure the total amount of liquor you want to dilute. Assume you have 1 quart for this example.

Step 2

Look at the side of the bottle for the current percentage. Assume for this example that your starting liquor is 50 percent alcohol.

Step 3

Decide what percentage you want it to be. Beer, by way of comparison, is usually around 5 percent alcohol. Assume this is how diluted you want your liquor to be.

Step 4

Divide the percentage you have by the percentage you want. So, 50/5=10.

Step 5

Subtract 1 from your result. For this example, 10-1=9.

Step 6

Multiply the amount of liquor you started with by the result of the subtraction. You have 1 quart, so 1x9=9. This means you are going to need to add 9 quarts of water or another nonalcoholic liquid to the liquor to dilute it to 5 percent.

Step 7

Measure your other liquid and add it to your liquor.