By Andrew Smith

Taking a shot of alcohol with friends is one way to kick off a party or celebrate an event such as your favorite team winning a game. Some find that taking a shot makes them immediately feel ill due to the smell and taste of the liquor. Avoiding the problem completely by properly tossing the shot into your mouth prevents the smell and taste from lingering and keeps you from immediately expelling the alcohol from your mouth.

Taking a shot properly keeps you from feeling ill.

Step 1

Chill the alcohol in a refrigerator before serving. Some bars also offer chilled shot glasses.

Step 2

Fill the shot glass to just slightly below the very top of the glass. Doing so prevents spills.

Step 3

Propose a toast before taking the shot if nobody else does so. Raise the shot glass into the air while toasting. Clinking the glasses together is not necessary.

Step 4

Tilt your head back slightly as you raise the shot glass toward your mouth. Keeping your head back makes it easier to get the entire shot down into your throat.

Step 5

Take one slightly deep breath with your mouth open and put the alcohol into your mouth so that it makes contact with the back of your tongue and throat. Then, gulp the alcohol down. This helps prevent any sick feelings caused by taking a shot. Exhale and place the shot glass down.