How to Decorate a Nurse-Themed Cake

By Lisa Finn

A nurse-themed cake is appropriate for a recent nursing-school graduate, a nursing anniversary or a birthday cake for the nurse in your life. While there are many ways to decorate a nurse cake, important elements include a thermometer, nursing cap, stethoscope and a shot, for example. Choose which kind of frosting to use, such as colored, soft or fondant, and create realistic objects on a nurse's cake.

Focus on a nurse's equipment for the decorations.

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Use different molds to create the base you need.

Step 1

Decide on the cake's shape. For example, choose a shirt or coat-shaped cake pan as your base to represent a nurse's uniform. Or use a rectangular pan to create the body of a pill bottle. Figure out if you need to purchase a specific cake pan or should cut different cakes to create the shape you need.

Make each decoration small enough so everything fits.

Step 2

Make a list of useful nurse items, such as a clip board, stethoscope and nursing cap. Write down the equipment needed for her to do a nursing job, such as a thermometer, bandages and medication, for example. Take ideas from your lists to figure out which items you want to replicate on the cake. Measure the base cake to figure out appropriate-sized cake toppers.

Fondant offers the smoothest look.

Step 3

Frost the cake using fondant, a combination of water, sugar and flavor, for a smooth texture. Spread out the fondant on wax paper using a rolling pin. Dip a toothpick into the desirable icing color and swipe the fondant in different areas. Knead the fondant using your hands until the color is completely mixed. Spread it out using your fingers and the rolling pin. Adjust the color with another swipe of the toothpick and food coloring until it reaches the hue you want.

Step 4

Choose the items you want to replicate on the cake. Examine the physical item or a picture of it. Use frosting to create a bumpy texture, such as for a bandage, and fondant for smoother shapes, like rolling the edges of a stethoscope. Decide on colors for each object and make or purchase food coloring. Puree spinach and place a few drops in the icing for green; squeeze beet drops into icing for red; and coca powder for brown, for example.

Step 5

Lay wax paper on a board or counter. Work on one object at a time. For an intravenous drip bag, for example, cut a 6-inch cylinder shape from a cake. Roll out white fondant slightly larger than the cake topper. Drape white fondant over the cake. Smooth the fondant outward and down the sides of the cake, making sure to eliminate any bubbles. Cut away the excess using a sharp knife.

Duplicate the wording and numbers on the cake details.

Step 6

Use a red edible decorating marker to write on the IV bag -- the lot number, how many milliliters is inside, the expiration date, ingredients, the Rx symbol and more, are all written on the bag. Use markers for other small details, such as lines on a thermometer.

Step 7

Continue shaping and adding details to each cake decoration. Place a knife in a can of soft frosting and spread it on the bottom of the decorations as an adhesive. Arrange the items on top of the base cake and push down carefully to secure.