Henna paste. Prepare the henna paste at home.

Applying henna coloring to the hair is a natural way to lighten or darken the hair without harsh chemicals. When henna is applied, there are instances when one application does not achieve the desired level of color. This guide will show you how to darken the henna coloring to achieve maximum color.

Prepare the hot water/henna powder mixture by mixing until it becomes a pasty substance (like yogurt) and putting it in a plastic bottle.

Make sure that the temperature of the mixture is not hot anymore, so you don't burn your scalp.

Apply the henna mixture to your hair once the mixture has cooled. Start this application by sectioning your hair and beginning at the roots. Once done, wrap a plastic around your hair and secure it with a scarf or any lengthy cloth so it stays warm. Leave the henna mixture on your hair for approximately two hours.

Rinse the henna paste off your hair using warm water. At the beginning, the shade will appear to be lighter but it will darken in a couple of days. If dissatisfied with the shade, apply henna mixture once again on the hair and repeat the instructions previously mentioned. Through this process, you are creating layers of darker color on your henna hair color until you reach your desired shade.

Do not use shampoo overnight. Otherwise, you will rinse off the hair color. Just try to dry it with an old hair towel that you can spare and brush off the unwanted grains from the henna hair color.

Use hair conditioner instead of shampoo when rinsing off the henna hair color.

Apply oil to your hair and work it into the roots to make it even darker. Mustard oil is recommended for this procedure.

Maintain your preferred shade by applying henna hair color of the same shade every two months. To save on henna, you can just apply the mixture on the roots instead.