How to Cut the Necks Out of a T-shirt to Make It Off Your Shoulders

By Amanda Bell

Instead of going out and purchasing several new shirts to get the trendy off-the-shoulder look, you can cut the neck out of a T-shirt you already have to make it an off the shoulder one. This is a good way to revamp an old shirt or change the look of one that you do not necessarily love. You can make the T-shirt go off both shoulders and only one, depending on how you cut it.

You can get the off the shoulder look with a T-shirt you already have.

Step 1

Pick out a T-shirt from your dresser or closet. You can use any style T-shirt, either a solid or printed fabric, although cotton and other sturdier fabrics work best. Very slinky clothing, such as silk, tends to fray more easily and can look messy after you cut them. You can also use a fitted T-shirt, but a looser fitting one will give you a more dramatic off-the-shoulder look.

Step 2

Decide which shoulder you want the shirt to go off by putting the shirt on and marking the shoulder with fabric chalk. The chalk will wash out of the majority of fabrics easily. With the shirt on, mark the point on your shoulder that you want the fabric to fall. This will be your guideline for cutting. If you will be making the shirt go off both shoulders, you can skip this step.

Step 3

Cut from the center of the neckline to the point you marked with fabric chalk with sharp fabric scissors, removing the neckline from the side you want to fall off your shoulder and cutting out to the point that you marked with fabric chalk. Keeping the other side of the neckline intact will give your shirt more structure. Use short cutting motions and go very slowly, holding the fabric taut. This will prevent an uneven line.

Step 4

Cut around the neckline of the shirt if you want it to go off both shoulders, removing all of it. Stay as close to the existing collar as possible, using short cutting motions and working slowly to prevent an uneven cut.

Step 5

Try the T-shirt on. If you are happy with where the fabric rests off your shoulder, wear the shirt as-is.

Step 6

Make a new mark with fabric chalk if the shirt does not rest where you want it. This is most likely to occur when cutting a T-shirt to go off both shoulders, as not all shirts will fall in this way if you only cut out the neckline. Make marks on either side of the shirt, as symmetrically as possible, as a guide for where you want the shirt to rest.

Step 7

Cut the T-shirt again according to your new guide marks. When cutting a T-shirt to go off the shoulder, it is best to cut a little bit at a time; you can always cut more off, but it is nearly impossible to fix cutting off too much.